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CRM100 Common Rail Injector Stage 3 Measuring Tools

Code produit: CRM1000
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CRM100 Common Rail Injector Stage 3 Measuring Tools 



Product Description


CRM-100  Common Rail Injector Measurement System is designed to rebuild malfunctioned injectors to meet 

Bosch stage 3 repair standard,common rail injector measurement system



PC based control software
User friendly intuitive interface to direct the measurement procedure step-by-step
Provides the correct thickness of calibration shims to avoid the confused calculationby user
Build-in database
Bosch automotive injectors, including CRI 1-2.0-2.2, CRI 2.1, CRI 3A, CRI 3B
Bosch truck injectors, including CRIN 1 and CRIN 2.
Free  software upgrade
Electronic controller, C-BOX, function as
Data hub for communication between PC and micrometer
Controlled by the PC to generate electronic signal to drive injector for dynamic armature lift measurement
Made in Japan Mitutoyo micrometer, resolution 0.001mm
Complete tool sets to fulfill injector repairing tasks

Complete sets of calibration shim spear parts

Stage 3  CRM-100Common Rail Injector stroke measuring system with the computer  more pictures:




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