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Ultrasonic Cleaner 6 L

Code produit: 6L
Disponibilité: En stock



 Mechanical Timer and Heater    Digital Timer and Heater  Digital Timer and Heater

                                                         (Adjustable power)  

Cleaning Application:

PCB, jewelry, electronic components, car parts, computer parts Laboratory instruments, clock & watches, eyeglasses, contact lens, dentures, dental instruments, medical tools, DVD & VCD, golf, table-ware, printer inkjet, seal and comb, toothbrush, baby feeder, etc.

,Operation Instructions:

Before starting the equipment, check the machine to see if there is loosen parts.

Keep the unit on a stable and flat working platform in dry and cool environment.

According to the size and quantity of washing objects, add little bit detergent in the tank which can help improve the cleaning effect.  (Empty tank working is forbidden!)

Ensure correct power and switch connect before starting the equipment.


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