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2015 big zed bull

Code produit: zzz
Disponibilité: En stock


Software versionV508

Hardware version: V5.02 

Language: 1. English, 2. Turkish, 3. Italian, 4. Spanish, 5. Portuguese




Zed-BULL is a transponder cloning device which contains all of Zed-Qx's features and also has more additional features. Zed-BULL will fulfill all of your requirements as professional on Immobilizer Systems. 




1. New: support 8C and 8E chips distinguish function

2. Full fill all of your requirements as professional on Immobilizer Systems; 

3. Zed-BULL is a transponder cloning device which contains all of Zed-Qx's features and also has more additional features.

4. No tokens needed anymore!!! (New Features) and no login card needed!!!

NOTE: Can not support VW the 4th generation of anti-theft products. 





1.Transponder Cloning :

11, 12, 13, 33, 73, 4C (writing to 4C electronic key and batteryless TPX1 transponder), Crypto 40 (some), 41(all), 42(all), 44(all unlocked VW), 45(all), Texas crypto 4D(all 60-61-62-63-64-65-67)to batteryless TPX2 and Silca electronic heads
Until now, common transponder cloning tools could only copy fixed transponders. But the revolution that we started with our device, Zed-Qx, is increasing with Zed-BULL. 41(NISSAN), 42(VW), 44(Unlocked VW) and 45(PEUGEOT) transponders which normally known as can not be copied, can be copied with Zed-BULL. Also you can copy 4C transponders onto batteryless TPX1 4C glass transponders


2.Finding PIN Code :

Preparing precoded transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU. 

Zed-BULL PC software' s excellent features will help you while using EEPROM applications. ECU pictures, which ECU has which MCU or EEPROM and the location of mcu or eeprom on the board, which type transponder will be used... These kind of informations will ease your work. With Automatic Module Finding (AMF) feature, when you select the EEPROM file, the module will be recognized automatically.

Another revolution of Zed-BULL is programing transponders when there is no key from ECUs. For now, Zed-BULL has 55 different applications and it is increasing... With this feature, you can program transponders, find pin codes and prepare precoded transponders for the cars which need precoded transponders like fiat doblo 48. For this feature, you don't need expensive precoded transponders priced about 8-10 Euro. You can use blank transponders.


3.Producing Transponders for OBD Programming :

If you have an OBD device like T-Code Pro, you will need special precoded transponders for some cars. Instead of buying these special transponders for high prices, you can produce them with Zed-BULL using blank transponders. And you don't need expensive precoded transponders priced about 8-10 Euro... The transponders that you can produce: 40, 41, 42, 44 Mitsubishi, 44 VW, 45, 73 Mitsubishi, 61, 62, 65 and 46 for

Germany Cars, CHRYSLER, RENAULT... etc. For now, Zed-BULL has 24 different transponder production applications.


4.Hitag2 Transponder Programmer :

If you want to buy a hitag2 programmer as standalone device, you have to pay around 1000-1500 Euro. But when you have Zed-BULL, you will get this hitag2 programmer feature for FREE. You can work on hitag2 transponders and improve yourself on your job.


5.Easy Use with Wide Graphic LCD Screen :

Wide screen of Zed-BULL will show you much more .... With Zed-BULL's wide screen, you can see more information like, VIN number and kilometer info for Germany cars, detailed information for 46 and 48 transponders ... etc.


6.USB Communication and Fast Update :

You can update your Zed BULL in less than 30 seconds and use your Zed BULL with PC via USB


7.Additional function :

1.Reading kilometer, VIN number and key number information from original Germany cars key and writing to original Germany cars remote key
2.Finding PIN code from VIN number for HYUNDAI and KIA
3.PC software includes a wide-range transponder catalog, key fob procedures and more information
4.PIN code finding for 33 Renault and 45 Peugeot from transponder
5.Unlocking the 48(magic II) type locked transponder and make it re -usable
6.Saving transponder information into database including crypto transponders
7.3 different device case color alternatives (red, black and white).





Transponder Production  

Generate Random Logic

Mercedes Class E, C, G Master Key Programme

Generate 40

Generate 41

Generate 42

Generate 44 VW

Generate 44 Mitsubishi

Generate 45

Generate 46 Chrysler

Generate 46 Chevrolet Captiva

Generate 46 GMC Buick, Circle+

Generate 46 Nissan Note, Micra

Generate 46 Vauxhall Vectra C, Corsa D

Generate 46 Renault

Generate 46 Germany Series

Generate 46 VW Touareg

Generate 46 VW Phaeton

Generate 46 Germany Cayenne

Generate 46 Peugeot

Generate 46 Germany A8

Generate 46 Citroen C3 Picasso

Generate 46 Mitsubishi L200, Lancer, Colt

Generate 61 Mitsubishi

Generate 62 Mitsubishi

Generate 63 Ford

Generate 64 Renault, Chrysler

Generate 65 Suzuki

Generate 67 Japanese, Diahatsu, Lexus

Generate 68 Japanese, Diahatsu, Lexus

Give Information About Blank Transponder To Use



Save Customer Key Data (Fixed Code)

Save Customer Key Data (41, 42, 44, 45 Crypto)

Easy Database Backup Button


Transponder Reading & Identifying  

Transponder Identity

Transponder Test Mode

Show Lock Status

Show Car Brand fo 48 megamos (Germany, Skoda, Seat, VW)

Identify 48 Transponders as Magic I or Magic II

Identify 8C with Details

Show VIN, Mileage & Key No. for Original Germany Remote Keys & Non Remote keys

Identify Z4C (Batteryless, Economic, Glass 4C Chip)

Identify TPX2 with Details, Show Lock Status

Identify 46 Transponders with Details (Show IC Type, Lck Status, Mode) so that user can know whether key is programmed or not

Unlock ID48 Transponders

Unlock ID48 CanBus Transponders

Test & Reset 4D Transponders


Transponder Cloning  

Fixed Coded: 11, 12, 13, 14, 33, 73

4C to Electronic Head

4C to TPX1

4C to Z4C

40 (Some)



44 (PH Crypto2 VW)



Copy 4D to Electronic Head

Copy 4D to TPX2 

Periodic Updates



Manual Data Entry

Ergonomic Interface(Big Buttons)

Menu Short Cuts Using Numbers


Pin Code  

Calculate Pincode from key on Hyundai (Optional)

Calculate Pincode from Last 6 Digits of VIN for Hyundai & Kia Cars

Find Pincode from Customer Key for 33 Renault & 4D

Find Pincode from Customer Key for 45 Peugeot

Find Pincode for VW Cars via OBD (Optional)

Find Pincode for Renault Cars via OBD (Optional)

Find Pincode for Vauxhall/Opel Cars via OBD (Optional)


EEPROM Applications  

90 Different Applications

Using Blank Transponders for each application instead of expensive Pre-Coded Transponders

Automatic Recognition System from Eeprom file

Detailed picture of Immobiliser Boards

Detailed picture of EEPROM Programmer Adapter

Detailed picture of EEPROM or Microprocessor to be removed, with mark sign on the immobiliser board

Calculate transponder logic from eeprom

Program Renault system 1 remote keys (4 pin code)

HEX Editor


PC Software  

Detailed user manual of all features on PC

Manual (On Board) Remote Programing Procedures

Transponder Catalogue

Transponder cross reference list

Emailing through PC Software (Fast Support)

Fast Update with PC Software (Shortcut Buttons)

Automatic Port Recognition

Hitag 2 Programmer (Read Write 46 Transponder Family)

PCF7935 programmer detailed information

Megamos programmer detailed information

Texas DST

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